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Below is the archive of our past newsletters. 

1/12/2021 – Hello Hello #12: New books, Wilkins and Photography, School Projects, and more!

The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins
Wilkins and Photography
The Quest 100 years
Wilkins Telepathy Experiment
Hills Christian Community and the The Hubert Wilkins Foundation
Wilkins and Wilkins
Christopher Pyne and Submarines

20/10/2021Hello Hello #11: The Wilkins Oration is next week!

A message from our Patron and details on the upcoming oration.

25/8/2021Hello Hello #10: The Wilkins 2021 Oration, New Interactive Timeline, New Chronicles and lots more!

The Wilkins Oration 2021
Peter FitzSimons and The Incredible Wilkins
Welcome to new board member Adrian McCallum
Changes for Dr Stephen Carthew
Positions vacant
Stories from Davis Base, Antarctica
The Wilkins Timeline is ready to view
The Art of Sacrifice – George Petrou
100 Years On from The Quest
The Wilkins Chronicle
The Great Race and Valdemar Rendle archives – Queensland Museum
Sponsorship opportunities

07/05/2021 – You’re Invited: Sir Hubert at the Adelaide History Festival

Wilkins at the Adelaide History Festival 

23/04/2021 – Hello Hello #9 – New Chronicles, New Projects, New Literature!

Wilkins and Gallipoli
Dr Richard Harris  – Exploration of Castleguard Cave
Peter FitzSimons and The Incredible Wilkins
Sir Hubert Wilkins: A Life in Photographs, Words and Objects by Jeff Maynard
City of Adelaide Clipper Ship project at Dock 2
From the Historian – Sekliw Gnirednaw [Wandering Wilkes]
Diary Transcriptions with Philip van Dueren
Wilkins Chronicles with Andrew Dawe
New York Times article Wilkins’s Patent of Face Mask from January 11, 1958
Wilkins the US Consultant – introducing Tom Endrusick
Elizabeth Chipman’s ‘Wilkins Timeline’
Wilkins and Philately – the Shackleton-Rowett Expedition
The use of ‘one’ in Wilkins’s writing – from the technical editor, Dr Robert Bloomfield

22/02/2021 – Sir Hubert at the Adelaide Fringe

30/11/2020 – Hello Hello #8 – Further Adventures. Chronicles 1926-28; glacier calving;  seabird encounters; music and murmurations; a time for tolerance

Starling Murmurations
Wilkins and philosophy
The Next Step Towards Civilisation – Wilkins lecture
From the Historian – The Pogo-stick faith of Sir Hubert Wilkins
Long Flight Home by Lainie Anderson
Wilkins the Explorer Scientist by Adrian McCallum
The Wilkins Chronicle – 1926-1928
Wilkins to Fly to the Pole
Diary transcriptions – 1921 Shackleton-Rowett Expedition diary
Wilkins and music – Gordon Walker Tayler, Composer performed by Megan Wilson

24/09/2020 – Hello Hello #7 – Research Bonanza

Unlock your inner explorer with Dr. Harris – walking around Yankaninna Station
Introducing Nina Bellersheim
Introducing our Explorer Scientist, Adrian McCallum
Wilkins and Philosophy
Republication of Wilkins’s 1930 book Under the North Pole.
Sir Hubert Wilkins’s role in Wyatt Earp: The little ship with many names Trish Burgess
The Wilkins Chronicle: Andrew “Dawsey” Dawe – up to about 1925
Wilkins and Philately by Richard Hindle
Diary transcriptions with Philip van Dueren – 1911-1912
Present enlightening artefacts with 57 Films 

17/04/2020 – Hello Hello #6 – inspiration in isolation

Unlock your inner explorer with Dr. Harris – Canadian Rockies
Wilkins Diaries
Wilkins Timeline
Memorial to Ruby Lindsay (1887-1919)

10/02/2020 – Hello Hello – The Wilkins Foundation newsletter

100-years-on anniversary celebrations
Wilkins-related events –
Salut D’Amour
The Loneliest Woman – Suzanne Wilkins

29/12/2019 – Wilkins Foundation –  Chairman’s Letter

Lainie Anderson’s movie about historic air race ‘The Greatest Air Race’
The Wilkins Oration 2019

11/11/2019 – Wilkins Foundation –  Chairman’s Letter 

The Inaugural Deane Miller Oration

12/09/2019 – The 2019 Wilkins Oration – October 31