The Wilkins Foundation was launched by journalist and author, Simon Nasht, whose biography of Wilkins, “The Last Explorer” was published in 2005. You can watch Simon’s talk on our “Talks” page.

A farm boy from the Mid North of South Australia to a celebrated polar explorer, war photographer and one of the greatest adventurers of the early 20th. century, Sir George Hubert Wilkins, can inspire a new generation of young Australians.

Now 60 years after his death, it’s time to revive the legend and honour his achievements.

That’s one of the aims of the newly formed Wilkins Foundation, to return the stories of this great Australian from the archives of Europe, UK and the United States and re-connect with his fellow South Australians.

“The productive life of Sir Hubert is a national treasure – his wealth of knowledge and life experience, in an astonishing range of domains, would enrich all Australians,” according to a spokesman for the Wilkins Foundation, Dr.Stephen Carthew.

“We want to provide educational materials for schools and promote the recognition of the Wilkins name in the same way that Sir Douglas Mawson is widely recognised for his polar achievements.”

“His exploits happened before the power of television ensured the immortality of many lesser men. Wilkins is one of the greats of history and his achievements in so many fields have never been equalled.”


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