This acknowledgment list endeavours to recognise and thank those people who gave me assistance during my decade of Wilkins Work, and the development of the Wilkins Foundation. It has been a great pleasure to work together with so many people on this project. The names are arranged alphabetically. No titles have been used (sorry to those who have earned them, and have lost them here, but in volunteer work we are all simply ‘people’). Please forgive me if I have misspelled your name, I have tried to get it right. I have used abbreviated first names on many occasions – the names I used to communicate. The way people assisted, or how they helped, or what organisation they belonged to, has not been identified – that would be too much. 

Some people listed here, simply encouraged or supported me in meaningful ways, as friends or associates. To everyone who subscribed to the Hello Hello! the newsletter of the Wilkins Foundation, thank you for your readership. Please excuse me if you don’t find yourself listed here and clearly should have been. Having said this, the list is extensive; for it takes a village of bodies, hearts, minds, souls and spirits to raise a voluntary history-focused community movement to the point where it deserves to be assisted, subsumed and transmuted by the History Trust of a State. All credit goes to the life of Captain, Sir George Hubert Wilkins for the inspirations provided from the past, for the future — now: 

A: Neville Alley, Lainie Anderson, Roger Andre, Kymm Appostolides, Warwick Archer, Matt Aistrope, Malcolm Axford; 

B: David Bagshaw, Jennifer Ball, Sophie Ballagh, Lyn Banner, Angela Bannon, Nina Bellersheim, Jim Best, Peter Billing (deceased), Carolyn Bilsborow, Robert Bloomfield; Edwan Blyth, Sinclair Bode, Clare Boan, Godwin Bradbeer, Corey Bradshaw, Jimmy   Brennan, Barry Brook, Gita Brooke, Graham Broun, Tony Buckley, Olivia Butler, Richard Buzacott;

C: Gavin Campbell, Lachlan Campbell, Annette Carter, Pier Carthew, Astrid Carthew, John Carty, Renato Castello, Jackie Chadwick, Elizabeth Chipman, Jan Chojecki, Jan Chorley, Philip Clarkson, Gloria Clarkson, Ron Clarkson, Val Clarkson, Peter Cleary, Peter Cochrane, Joanna Collard, Keith Conlon, Karen Conlon, Jackie Cook, Alan Cooper, Joanne Cooper, Vince Copley (deceased), Jeremy Cordeaux, Elizabeth Corfe, Graham Cornes, Nicole Cornes, Mark Crawford, Leonie Crennan, Enca Crosbie, George Crowder, Tom Cowan, Vicky Crowley, Tony Cunneen, Trudi Curtis;  

D: Paul Dalrymple, Christopher Dalton, Chris Daniels, Ian Darbeshire, Saskia Davidson, Nigel Daw, Andrew Dawe, David Donaldson, Simon Douthwaite (deceased), Ian Drummond, Philip van Dueren, Kevin Dugan; 

E: Rod Eime; Tom Endrustick;

F: Ross Fassina, James Fahey, Mary Fahey (deceased); Louise Feneley, Colin Feneley, Felix Feneley, David Fewtrell (deceased), Tony Fielke, Angus FitzSimons, Peter FitzSimons, Erica Flato-Beckett, Ian Frame, Jayne French, Stephanie Ford, Simon Forrest, Tony Fowler; 

G: Aiden Glasby, Peter Glasby, Jeremy Gilmore, Matt Gierke, Jonathon Glonek, Peter Goers, Steve ‘Gadlabarti’ Goldsmith, Sue Graebner, Tamara Green, Kerri Greening, David Griggs, Anna Griffin, Frank Grosser, Sean Goodwin, Angela Gordon, Wayne Groom, David Grybowski; 

H: Valmai Hankel, Stephen Harkness, Anne Harris, Rodney Harris, Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, Charles Hambling, Michelle Harniman, Michael Harry, Vicki Hastings, Gerard Hayes, Horst Hellmann, Maurice Henderson, Miriam Henke, Judith Hickson, Wendy Higgins, Jennifer High, Sue Hillard, Richard Hindle, Robert Hill, John Hipwell, Bronwyn Hockley, Charmaine Hockley, Duncan Hockley, Andrew Holman, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, Phil Hoffman, Alison Hoffman, John Honan, June Honan, Craig Honan, Cheryl Hoskin, John Howard, Susan Howlett, Alan Hughes, Madelyn Hughes, Noel Huppatz; 

I: Pepita Interlandi, Bronwyn Ireland

J: Barbara, Jansen, Jake Jansen, Gaby Jaska, Lesley Jenkins, Stuart Jenness (deceased); 

K: Rod Kandelaars, David Kelly, Lee Kelly, Matthew Kelly, Carolyn Kendall, Pat Kent, Peter Kenyon, Laura Kissel, Mike Kissel, Bev Koch, Nathan Kolic, Kristy Kokegei, Skye Krichauff, Charles Kovacs; 

L: Brad Lancaster, Steve Larkins, Michael Leunig, Sarah Lewis, Edward Le Coutre, Mary Lewitzka, Asher Lieberman, Kym Liebig, Geoff Lindsay, Michael Liner, Daphne Lines, Glan Lines, Jane Lomax-Smith; John Love, Geoff Lovett, Andrew Luciani, Malcolm Ludgate, Mylene Ludgate; 

M: Adrian McCallum, Emma McEwin, Annie McGeachy, Bob McGeachy, Ian McNamara, Beverley McWilliams, Greg Mackie, Mandy Macky, Peter Maddern, Brenda Mangelsdorf, Phillip Marriot, Felicity Martin, Rodney Martin, Sandra Martin, Rob Mather, Julie Mather, Peter Matty, Alex May, Jeff Maynard, Pamela Melroy, Patricia Michell, Mick Mickan, John Middleton, Jenny Miholos, Donna Miller Nicole Miller, Flame Moloney, Mario Monterosso, James Moody, Rick Moore, Cathy Morison Tait Muller, Allison Murchie, Shane Murphy;

N: Simon Nasht, Jeffry Newchurch, Patrick Nicholas, Margaret Noak, Colin Nottle;

O: Ben O’Connell, Lee O’Connell, Alana O’Connor, Brian Oldman; 

P: Wendy Parry, Andy Payne, Shona Payne, Clare Peddie, Jay Peregrine, Mark Pharaoh, Greg Pladson, Andrew Plumer, Bradley Poole, Jannah Poole, Stephen Pratt, Andrew Pulford, Lorraine Pulsford, Patrick Purves, Ruth Purves, Sam Purves, Mark Purvis; 

Q: Diana Quinn;

R: Saskia Raevouri, Justin Rayner, Joy Reardon, Russel Reardon, Suzanne Redman, Peter Reece, Kevin Renfrey (deceased), Claudette Renfrey, Norm Richardson, Andrew Ridge, Kaye Ridge, Heather Riddell, John Riddell, Amanda Rigano, Carolyn Robinson, Doug Robinson, Fred Robinson (deceased), Shannon Robinson, Karen Ronne Tupek, Steven ‘Mike’ Ross, Colin Ruglass, Suzanne Russell, Louie May Ryan, Paul Ryan; 

S: Jo-anne Sarre, Rick Sarre, Tim Sawyer, Rupert Scammell, Stephen Scammell, George Schneider, Stephen Scott-Fawcett, Stephanie Schrapel, Bev Scott, John Setchell, Kate Setchell, Donovan Shaw, Colin Shearing, Rod Shearing, Stephen Shephard, Graham Shirley, Matt Shorten, Cesare Silvestri, Arthur Simpson, Grant Simpson, Robin Sinclair, Russ Sinclair, Valerie Sitters, Ian Smart, Alan Smith, Dick Smith, Karrl ‘Tamaru’ Smith, Kyoung-Wha Song, Chrystopher Spicer, Carolyn Spooner, Sam Soenario, Soinia Soenario, Doug Sprigg, Reg Sprigg (deceased), Lexi Staker, Jill Stanos, Peter Stark, Geoff Strempel, Adam, Stevens, Alan Stewart, Mike Stockdale; Anna Sublet, Paul Sundermier, Joanne Sutcliffe, Kathleen Swadling, Trevor Swadling;

T: Gordon Tayler, Robert Taylor, Janet Taylor, Chris Teale, Rob Thomas, Simon Thomas, Victoria Thomas, Jim Thompson, John Tilly, Suzy Tilly; Terry Tisdale, Tim Tolly, Alex Townsend, Lindy Townsend, Lesley Tucker, Robin Turner; 

V: Amanda Vanstone, Christina Venema, Vern Verass, John Vickery, Mary Vickery, Will Vickery, Gero von Vogt; 

W: Isaac Walgos, Anthony Wallis, Karen Ward, Anne Waters, Cam Waters, Wilfred Waters, Alan Wilkins, Bill Wilkins, Cathy Wilkins, Christopher Wilkins, David Wilkins, Emma Wilkins, John Wilkins, Paul Wilkins, Rob Wilkins, Sharon Wilkins, Stephen Wilkins, Laura Wills, Anthony Wilson, Joan Wilson, Lachlan Wilson, Megan Wilson, Jim Whalley, Claire Woods, Rosemary Wood, Jo Woolf; 

X: Nick Xenophon;

Y: Ian Young;

Z: Ellen Zinga.

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