The Wilkins Foundation is designed to honour those people who had a connection with Sir Hubert or did things of importance which have not been as well-recognised as they should be. We believe that Sir Hubert would want the Hello Hello! Newsletter, and this site, to be much more than a focus on his own work. He was always grateful for the part played by those behind the scenes – including his sponsors and his competitors who he rarely criticised.


Harold Bowyer Bull, sailor

David Harry researched and wrote this fantastic piece on his great, great, Uncle, Harold Bowyer Bull, who had sailed to Antarctica with Shackleton’s 1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition as a crew member on the S.Y. (Steam Yacht) Nimrod.

Where there’s a Wilkins, there’s a way

Stephen Wilkins is likely – but not certainly – a direct descendant of the pioneering Wilkins family.  Stephen is most interested in Wilkins via his own experiences in the Southern Oceans. He has been present at talks when in Adelaide. I recently asked if he could...

Sue Hilliard’s Story

The Wilkins Foundation sometimes unearths wonderful stories. Here is something a new volunteer sent us about her father, Alan Parker, who was the Officer in Charge at Davis Base, Antarctica, in the year Sir Hubert Wilkins’s records were relocated in 1977. Sue is in...