Positions Vacant: for 2022

After most of a decade starting and working on the development of the Foundation, Dr Stephen Carthew  has decided to step back and allow others to take on more roles.
The consuming work of the Foundation has made attempts at his other projects impossible.
He says:”As Co-convenor of the Sir Hubert Wilkins Interest Group (SHWIG) and then as Founder, Secretary, Treasurer and ‘Content Editor’ of Hello Hello! and this website, I am now (somewhat desperately) looking for volunteers to take on the jobs I have been doing .  Broken into three job descriptions, this work will be more manageable – and can start as soon as positions are filled. I will be involved till the end of this year for handovers and will always be available for consultation”.
Positions available
If you are willing to investigate, then please either apply in writing an expression of interest email  for a specific position, or, if it initially feels more comfortable to simply talk about your interest, please feel free to ring our Chair, Robin Turner on 0411 194 330 and have a preliminary discussion (or text Stephen on 0411 518 464 and he’ll ring you back).  
Editor of NewsletterHello Hello!, and Website Content Editor (possibly two separate positions). This volunteer (or perhaps these volunteers) would coordinate articles and domain pages with those who head the various Wilkins pages on the website and liaise with our Webqueen, Olivia Butler of 57 Films, following Andrew Pulford’s design style.
While ‘newsletter and website skills might be a bonus, knowing nothing about creating a newsletter is also fine. What is important is a genuine interest in Wilkins, with perhaps enough outward control to recognise the value of other explorer-scientists — particularly the South Australians. Wilkins eschewed a competitive approach towards his ‘colleagues’ — so we should follow suit.  
Foundation Secretary
This person would need to have the time, and will probably already have contracted ‘Late Onset Wilkinitis’ — a very happy and healthy affliction.
Anyway. This person would also need to coordinate the various activities of the Foundation through working with the Chair and Board Members, planning and organising meetings, events, and generally coordinating and helping develop and report on the projects which the board has ratified. 
Foundation Treasurer/Financial Controller
The Foundation has an automated accounting program: Mind Your Own Business (MYOB); and has a pro bono Accountant, Karen Conlon of Sum Total Accounting, who creates reports and oversees the account. Having said this the organisation will always need a Treasurer as a signatory and someone who knows what is happening financially — this person would be a Board Member. They would make payments and oversee the account and scope the budget etc. This person may be a Wilkins enthusiast — with a confirmed case of Wilkinitis, but in this position, financial prudence and a knowledge of the fiscal world is more important than a surfeit of Wilkinsonian Enthusiasm. If you are prepared to give it a try, then please apply.
Potential Positions 
There are many more positions possible in the Wilkins research and promotion world. Anyone is free to suggest or add ideas. Of course occasional reports to the Membership via the Hello Hello! Newsletter, and agreed upon reporting to the Board would be necessary so that sense is made of projects in the light of our Aims and Objectives.

Some of these positions are or may be filled by present Board Members, however collaboration is the key to the success of the Wilkins Foundation, so if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in any of these areas please do contact us.

Funding FinderCo-opt the Corporates as Wilkins did; approaching various sponsors and people.  
Events Manager: Designing and organising live and online events for the education of of Australians. 
Membership Liaison:  Making connections between the Foundation board and the general membership.