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Sir George Hubert Wilkins (1888—1958) is a name not widely known to Australians, even in his own state of South Australia. Wilkins is better known in the United States from where he launched his major polar expeditions and spent most of the last thirty years of his life. An explorer, meteorologist, ornithologist, aviator-navigator, war photographer and cinematographer, geographer and philosopher, Wilkins was arguably one of the most adventurous polymaths of the first half of the twentieth century. A veritable Renaissance man, Wilkins is long overdue to be placed in the same category as other great Australians.

Four Wilkins biographies have been written since 2000, and more media products are on the way.

Why a foundation?

Despite the importance of his historical achievements, there is no official organisation tasked with promoting the Wilkins name within Australia.​

Why a board?

The Wilkins Foundation is a registered not-for-profit Association. The Board of the Foundation is currently formalising its objects and procedures, and pursuing charitable status to facilitate tax-deductible donations.

Our aims

Although specific aims will be developed by the Board, the general aims listed below suffice to summarise the spirit of the Foundation: 


  • To “Bring Wilkins Home™” by commemorating Sir Hubert Wilkins as a significant South Australian, by making his achievements and ideas better known as part of the scientific and cultural heritage of South Australia.
  • To promote the legacy of Sir Hubert Wilkins as a cinematographer, war hero, aviator, navigator, polar explorer, submariner, citizen scientist, public intellectual and philosopher
  • To “Unlock Your Inner Explorer™” by promoting, encouraging, investing in or funding
  • Wilkins-inspired exploration, whether by citizen-scientists or otherwise; and citizen-science or cultural projects by way of grants or scholarships.
  • To organise, invest in or fund events, seminars, lectures, and conferences related to the life or interests of Sir Hubert Wilkins
  • To promote educational material for schools which highlight the life of Sir Hubert Wilkins
  • To assist in the research and production of Wilkins-inspired media projects
  • To raise funds for the Foundation’s foregoing objects.
  • To undertake any object or purpose reasonably incidental to the foregoing objects.

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    The board is currently investigating various funding possibilities.
    Individual are of course welcome to contribute via the Foundation’s bank account:
    BankSA: BSB 105 131 Act. No. 073110140


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Welcome to the 2021 Wilkins Oration: 

Delivered by Peter FitzSimons 

on the release day of his new book 

The Incredible Life of Hubert Wilkins’

The Wilkins Foundation is proud to present this year’s Wilkins Oration Online, with thanks to Hachette Australia for co-sponsoring it, with Simon Nasht in effect passing the baton to Peter FitzSimons and 57 Films, who produced this video.
As an encore, here is an interview of Peter FitzSimons by Geraldine Douge on ABC’s Saturday Extra program 23.10.2021
If you open this and toggle along the timeline to 57min and 30secs you will hear this fascinating interview about Wilkins between Peter and Geraldine. 

The Wilkins Oration live event has been the major fundraiser of the Foundation for the last two years. Due to the pandemic, the live even has become virtual. We decided to present it freely online in the hope that those who watch it will make a donation to help with the expenses of the Foundation.

Please donate to help us promote Wilkins in 2022!

You are welcome to contribute via the Foundation’s bank account:
BankSA: BSB 105 131 Act. No. 073110140

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